Not really sure how to start planning your trip? One of the first things you need to decide is how long you’re wanting to nurse in Australia for.

The next step is determining how long you want to actually spend in Australia, travelling and nursing. Whilst it is perfectly ok for this to change, having some kind of idea really helps throughout the initial planning process. The duration of your trip will directly affect the overall financial viability of your journey, as well as how you can best spend your time whilst you’re in Australia.

If you’re not exactly sure how long you want to spend nursing in Australia, try and choose out of the two options below to help you gather a general idea. Choose one that best describes your current mindset – and remember it’s ok if this changes, but having an idea definitely helps with planning.

  • 6 months or less
  • A year or more

6 months or less

If you are contemplating nursing in Australia for only 6 months or less, it’s probably worthwhile in doing your sums in terms of the financial viability of your trip. You need to consider the time and cost involved in applying of your Australian Nursing Registration (AHPRA), as well as other costs such as your visa, airfares and living expenses whilst you’re waiting to start work.

The type of visa you are eligible for and decide to work on, will play a large part in how cost effective it will be for you to nurse in Australia. Australian working visas can range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars, to a few thousand or more. We will talk more about this in the visa posts.

A year or more

If you place yourself in the “year or more” category, there are other factors you need to consider. Do you still want the flexibility of day-to-day agency work? Or would a permanent position be more suitable? Will you be happy to return home when your visa expires? Or would you like to know the steps you can take in order to have the option to stay in Australia, if that’s what you decide.

Journey duration, visas, nursing registration, job opportunities; it all sounds a bit confusing now – but as you read on to other posts, you will see how each factor is interlinked, and in turn, influences one another.