Submitting anonymous pay information will help other nurses make informed decisions.

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    Sometimes agency pay changes. Please submit the following details for the specific shift and pay information that you have provided above.

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    Please note: The following information, your name, email and payslip (optional), is only required for verification purposes and will not be published.

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    Is this really anonymous?

    We will never display any personal information with your pay information. However, we do need to collect your name and email to ensure that the information submitted is authentic and from a “real person”.

    What is does the blue “Pay Verified” icon mean?

    Users who would like to also upload a copy of their payslip, will receive a blue icon next to their published pay information. Other nurses will then know that this pay submission has been verified and is 100% accurate. Please note: what is published is still totally anonymous, no personal information will be shared.

    What information will be shared?

    • Your specialty
    • How many years experience you have in your specialty
    • How much you were paid
    • The name of the agency/hospital
    • The location of your shift/employment
    • If it was a public or private facility
    • The date the pay information was submitted