You’ve got to love the perks of any job, but it’s important to know when certain incentives are offered, and when you will have to organise and pay for housing and travel, yourself.

In Australia, housing and travel reimbursements aren’t always provided, but there are some instances where you are more likely to be offered these incentives.

For day-to-day agency nursing in the cities, you will be responsible for organising your own accommodation. Contract and permanent roles in rural and remote areas, are the positions that will most likely attract housing and travel incentives. The factors that determine the range and extent to which incentives are offered, have been outlined below.


The number one factor in determining whether housing and travel reimbursements will be offered is, demand. This means, if there is a large pool of nurses applying for the one vacancy, demand will be high, and the position will often be filled without providing extra incentives such as housing. If a position is hard to fill and demand is low, reimbursements and allowances will often be offered in order to make the position more attractive. Often, a position is hard to fill due to the nursing specialisation sought – or alternatively, the location of the role can also be a determining factor.


Australia is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of land area, which means a portion of the population live in both rural and very remote areas. All Australians require access to healthcare, which means that nurses and doctors are also required across the country, to service this need.

Most Australian’s desire the lifestyle that living in the city or a coastal area can offer. Because of this, it is often hard to draw skilled professionals to “the bush”. Living in a rural or remote area offers a very different way of life, but even with obvious advantages such as reduced cost of living and more affordable housing prices, it is often difficult for hospitals and agencies to fill rural nursing positions.

If you are interested in nursing in a rural or remote area, housing and travel reimbursements will often be offered.

Government and Agency Incentives

Depending on the location and demand of the role, the Australian Government and the nursing agency recruiting for the position, will often offer certain incentives also.

The Australian Government provides a number of incentives to skilled professionals thinking about working in remote areas – these include relocation assistance, help with housing, as well as various other grants.

In addition to government incentives, nursing agencies will also offer perks in order to attract more candidates to their advertised positions. Some agencies offer travel reimbursements, housing assistance and referral bonuses, but as previously mentioned, this is usually dependant on how difficult the role is to fill. Remember also that everything is negotiable. If you’re interested in a position, you should talk to the nursing agency and see if there are any other incentives that but could be included.

So there you have it – help with housing and travel reimbursement is possible when planning nursing in Australia – although it’s important to remember that it’s not standard. If you’re interested in rural and remote nursing in Australia, a variety of perks will be available to you.

If you’d like to know more about what rural and remote nursing involves, and the incentives available, get in touch with us today.