Hi, my name is Natalie and I am 3 years qualified as a registered nurse. I am from Scotland and currently living in Brisbane. When I first qualified I worked in ED before moving on to a surgical receiving unit that also had 4 high dependency beds. With that experience behind me, I work as a general med/surg/HDU agency nurse here in Australia.

What made you want to nurse in Australia? What has been the best and worst thing about the whole experience?

I was looking for a change in my life and I knew that I could work in Australia without any further exams. I also love that it is sunny – and when you’re wanting to work abroad, it makes sense to move to an English speaking country.

I have only been here 8 weeks but the best so far is being able to do and see things on your days off. Whether it be exploring different waterfalls, catching us with friends at the beach – or just being able to chill by the pool after a busy shift!

The worst thing so far was when I got sick when I first arrived, which made me miss home. At that stage I had not had the opportunity to meet any friends or start work. It was also difficult finding a place to live whilst I was unwell. Needless to say, I survived, and am now loving my experience!

Which city in Australia did you decide to nurse in, and why?

I am not quite sure how I picked Brisbane, I think just my flight landed in here! Although I am so glad this was the case because it is such a chilled out, beautiful city!

What are your plans for the future? How long do you think you will stay in Australia for?

I am currently on my working holiday visa. I already know that I would like to stay more than 1 year. After speaking with other travellers, I have decided that I am not that keen on working on a farm for 3 months. I think I might apply for my PR visa, but I am just going to see if I can survive the hot Australian summer before I make that decision!

If you had your time over, what is one thing you wish you knew before you came to Australia to nurse?

If anyone is thinking of nursing in Australia, I’d say go for it! Nursing is nursing, it doesn’t change anywhere you go! I feel nursing here you have more support and better pay. Exploring on your days off is just unreal! Australia has so much to offer and I cannot recommend enough to at least give it a try!