Hey I’m JC, an Emergency Nurse originally from the Philippines but now based in Sydney.

What has your nursing experience consisted of so far?

I’ve been nursing for 13 years continuously over parts of Asia, Middle East, New Zealand & Australia. My clinical experience is rooted upon critical care. I have also done medical and surgical for a few years during my early nursing years. I am new to rural/remote nursing as I have just started this year – so far its exciting and very enriching.

Where are you currently nursing? And what do you like most about nursing in rural Australia?

I am currently in Halls Creek, WA. I have been here since January 2017 and I love it. Here we have a nurse led ambulance and emergency service.

How is rural and remote nursing different from nursing in a metropolitan area? Do you have to be a special kind of person to cope with this kind of nursing in such isolated areas?

It’s very different to nursing in the city, as your mostly on your own. You base your nursing actions on your knowledge, experience, clinical judgement and assessment. Rural and remote nursing is not an area for learners as there are no educators to guide you through. In saying this, it is always exciting and you’re never bored! Issues can be as simple as treating scabies, to complex emergencies such as multiple vehicular accidents.