There are some definite do’s and don’ts when applying for your Australian nursing registration. Firstly, make sure you allow plenty of time. All too often, nurses start the AHPRA process a month or two before departing for Australia. Gathering and certifying all the documentation then takes longer than people account for – meaning their application may only arrive in Australia shortly before they do. The processing time for your application can range anywhere from a month, to half a year. To be safe, we suggest applying for your AHPRA 3 months before you want to start nursing in Australia – in saying this, don’t underestimate the time it will take you to gather your documentation, ready for submission.

Before submitting your application, make sure you have checked and double checked that you have included everything that is required. It is most certainly worth investing time in making sure your application is correct and complete before applying.

The checklist on the back of the AHPRA form makes this easy – use it to ensure all items required have been included and attached. If you submit an incomplete application, it will affect the processing time considerably. If your assigned AHPRA case officer has reviewed your application, and discovered an omission, they will get back in touch with you to request the missing documentation. Whilst they are waiting for the information, your application may be placed at the bottom of the list and will only start progressing again when everything has been provided.

If your application is 100% complete, AHPRA takes an average of 4-6 weeks to process your application. This may vary depending on various factors, but acts as a guide.