AHPRA Letter of Eligibility

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Once your application has been processed and approved, you will be sent a letter providing “in principle approval for registration”, which is valid for three months, and details the outstanding proof of identity requirements. This does not mean that you are registered, it means you


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Part of applying for your Australian nursing registration is outlining your full practice work history. The detail of this needs to be included in a signed and dated CV that has been formatted to AHPRA’s mandatory requirements. You must declare on your CV that the

Certifying your documents

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A certified (or notarised) copy of a document, is a copy of the original that has been certified to be a true copy, by an authorised officer. Various forms, including AHPRA, will require proof of identity. You obviously don’t want to send your original documents

AHPRA vs. ANMAC – What’s the difference?

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AHPRA is the regulation agency that registers and regulates all healthcare practitioners in Australia. In addition to this, AHPRA works with and supports 14 separate boards, that are specific to each individual healthcare profession. For nursing, this board is called the Nursing and Midwifery Board

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