AHPRA Application Form for general registration

For internationally qualified nurses and midwives

Please note: The following information will guide you through the key elements involved in applying for your AHPRA registration – providing you a general understanding of the process. It is set out to assist you, but please be mindful that AHPRA requirements might change, and that it is always best to check to official website for up to date information.


Applying for your registration with AHPRA is necessary if you’re wanting to become a healthcare professional in Australia.

Registration with AHPRA is determined on whether you satisfy the following criteria.

  • Criminal history checks – both international and Australia
  • Proving recency of practice
  • English language skills
  • A qualification equivalent to an Australian degree

Before you start, it is worthwhile familiarising yourself with the information on the AHPRA website to ensure you meet AHPRA’s requirements. Once you have done this, download and print the application form for Internationally qualified nurses and midwives (AGOS-40).

Work through the form with these instructions. The last two pages of the application form include a Checklist and Information and Definitions section. When you have completed your application form, ensure it complies with every point listed, and that you have included all required supporting documentation.

Question 1

Select the box that describes your current registration status in your home country. This is what you will be applying for general registration as.

Question 2

This is your name as it appears on official documents (Birth Certificate, passport etc…) and will be the name that will appear on the public register.

If you have ever been known by another name, or are providing documents in another name, you must attach a certified copy of a Standard Marriage Certificate, Deed Poll or Change of Name Certificate.

Question 3

You will need to provide a certified copy of the ID page of your passport as evidence of your name and date of birth.

Question 4

If you are applying from OUTSIDE Australia, you can select “yes” here. This means you will only need to meet the minimum identity requirements, and then present in person at an AHPRA office before registration will be granted. Presentation is to be within the specified timeframe as advised in the notice of in-principle approval and with the evidence as outlined in the AHPRA Proof of Identity Requirements.

Question 5

If you are an overseas applicant, applying from OUTSIDE Australia you only need to meet the minimum proof of Identity requirements. Overseas applicants eligible for registration who only provide the minimum identity requirements must present in person at an AHPRA office before registration will be granted. Please read the bold red writing at the top of this section, as this is the information that applies to you.

For official information pertaining to overseas applicants for providing proof of identity, read the AHPRA Proof of Identity Requirements

Ensure you read the section Applying for registration for outside of Australia. It states that you must meet the minimum identity requirements by providing;

  • a certified copy of a passport (an EU card is not acceptable), and
  • if you have ever been formally known by another name, or if your documents provided in support of your application are in another name, you must provide a certified copy of evidence of a change in name. See Evidence for a change of name or name variation.

If you are an overseas applicant, applying from WITHIN Australia and are able to attend an AHPRA office within 6 weeks of your date of arrival, continue as above. In addition to what is listed above, you must also;

Attend an AHPRA office within the specified timeframe of 6 weeks, and present;

  • current Australian visa and proof of date of arrival (e.g. entry stamp, boarding pass or itinerary documents)
  • evidence of your Australian residential address (a letter from your Australian Bank will suffice – just visit a branch and ask them for a print out that includes all your personal details and current Australian address)

If you are an overseas applicant, applying from WITHIN Australia and have been in Australia for longer than 6 weeks, or will not be able to present in person within 6 weeks, you must;

Complete Questions 4, and provide evidence that meets the requirements in categories A, B, C and D. You will most likely not be required to present in person in this instance.

Question 6

An overseas phone number will not fit in the boxes provided, so you will need to write your numbers small enough to fit in the space that has been provided. Don’t worry too much about this, the answers to this section can be easily changed online once you are registered.

Question 7

Write the address where you currently live.

Question 8

You can answer “YES” to this question as you will not have an Australian principal place of practice at the time of your AHPRA application.

Question 9

Select the box My residential address, or write in Other to provide a different mailing address where you would like to receive correspondence from AHPRA.

Question 10

The answer to this will most likely be “no”. However, if you have recently completed a bridging program in order to register with AHPRA, then you need to fill out a different form, AGBP-40.

Question 11

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, this is the only qualification you will need to provide. Insert the details in the top box.

If your current registration is based on a diploma or other qualification, and you have done a “top-up” degree in nursing – you will need to put the “top-up” details in the top box, and your original qualification in the bottom box.

In any instance, you will need to attach a certified copy of your academic qualifications that you have listed. You will also need to request your university to send a copy of your transcript directly to AHPRA. Ensure you get them to send your transcript to the same AHPRA office you are sending your application to.

Question 12

Most people will need to answer “NO” to this question. You only select “YES” if you have previously held registration as a nurse and/or midwife in Australia. If this is the case you will need a different application form, as listed.

Question 13

If you’ve been registered in your home country before applying, the answer will be “YES”.

Question 14

This question relates to your current nursing registration. Insert the name of the country/state where you hold (or have held) registration (for example “Ireland” or “California”).

If you are still currently registered, write “ongoing” or write the future expiry date of your current license (most likely your yearly renewal date).

You will need to arrange for an original Certificate of Good Standing or Certificate of Registration Status to be forwarded directly from any registration authority that you have been registered with. Once again, make sure they send it to the same office you are sending your application to.

The links below will assist applicants from both the UK and Ireland.

Nursing and Midwifery Council (UK)

An Bord Altranais (Ireland)

Question 15

You don’t need to fill in anything for this section. However, you must attach;

A Statement of Service from all your employers from the past five years, and

A signed and dated Curriculum Vitae that describes your full practice history and any training undertaken

Your signed and dated Curriculum Vitae must;

  • adhere to AHPRA standard format, click here for more information
  • detail any gaps in your practice history of more than three months from the date you obtained your qualification
  • be in chronological order
  • be signed and dated with the statement “This curriculum vitae is true and correct as at (insert date)”
  • be the original signed curriculum vitae

Your Statement of Service must include all your nursing employers for the past five years. It also needs to;

  • Be on the employer’s letterhead
  • Provide the dates of employment
  • Describe the role in which you were employed
  • Whether full-time/part-time hours, and
  • Be signed by a manager (e.g. Director of Nursing, Unit Manager or HR Manager)

Question 16

For most applicants, the answer to this question will be “NO”. However, if you do need to declare a criminal history here, you will need to attach a signed and dated written statement with the details of your criminal history in Australia, and an explanation of the circumstances.

Question 17

Again, for most applicants, the answer to this question will be “NO”. However, if you do have a criminal history outside of Australia, you will need to;

  • obtain an international criminal history check from an approved vendor for each country and provide details below, and
  • provide details of your criminal history in a signed and dated written statement.

Question 18

The answer to this question will be “YES”. Prior to lodging your AHPRA application, all applicants must first apply for an International Criminal History Check (ICHC) via AHPRA’s approved vendor.

All applicants must use the approved AHPRA vendor link to apply for an ICHC. Check before applying, but currently the AHPRA approved vendor is Fit2Work, and the link can be found on the AHPRA site by clicking here.

The current price of an ICHC through Fit2Work is $174.90

Question 19

If you have been educated in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States of America, Canada, Republic of Ireland or the United Kingdom – you can choose either the Primary Language Pathway or the Extended Education Pathway, whichever is appropriate to you.

For both these pathways you will need to provide evidence that you were taught and assessed solely in English. Your academic transcripts should include this information, if not, you may want to ask your university to write a letter confirming that you were “taught and assessed solely in English”.

If you do not meet either of these pathways, you will be required to satisfy the English Language Test Pathway, and show evidence that you have achieved the required minimum scores in one of the approved English language tests. You must meet the requirements for test results specified in the NMBA’s English language skills registration standard. This information can be found on the official NMBA site by clicking here.

Please do NOT submit English test results if;

  • you meet one of the first two pathways and therefore aren’t required to, or
  • the results are less than the standard deemed necessary by AHPRA

You will need to provide a certified copy of your academic transcripts. Some countries don’t provide a breakdown of the nursing theoretical hours and clinical hours on your transcript. If these details are not listed, request this information from your University and request they provide the information on a separate letterhead.

Once you have filled out the required information and obtained all supporting documentation – Primary Language Pathway and Extended Education Pathway applicants can then skip to Question 23.

Applicants from the English Language Test Pathway need to continue to Question 20.

Question 20

Insert your test date/s into the boxes provided.

In some cases you may able to supply results from 2 separate sittings to make up the total score. Ideally, you will be able to demonstrate that you meet the standard in one test sitting. However, National Boards will accept results from a maximum of two test sittings in a six-month period so long as certain minimum scores are achieved in each sitting.

The next question will ask you for the details of your English language test. The approved test providers are;

Question 21

Fill in the test number you received from your English language testing provider.

If your test completed was within the past two years, you must provide a copy of your test results, including the reference number(s), so that AHPRA is able to verify your results.

However, if your test was completed MORE than 2 years ago, you must provide a certified copy of your test results.

Question 22

For most applicants, the answer to this question will be “YES”, and you will therefore not have to provide further details for this question.

However, if you are relying on test results more than 2 years old, you must select “NO” and be able to meet the additional requirements set out by AHPRA, which are outlined below.

Within 12 months of completing your test(s) you must have commenced;

  • continuous employment as a registered health practitioner in a recognised country where English was the primary language of practice, and/or
  • continuous enrolment in an approved program of study

In addition to meeting the requirements, you must also attach a certified copy of your English language test results, and:

  • your CV and a letter from employer(s) or a professional referee in the required form confirming continuous employment as a registered health practitioner in a recognised country (if you are relying on continuous employment over two years in duration, only two years is required), and/or
  • an academic transcript evidencing that you were enrolled continuously in an NMBA-approved program of study that commenced within 12 months of sitting the English language test, and that you completed your study no longer than 12 months before lodging your application.

Question 23

For most applicants, the answer to this question will be “YES”.

If you are (or will be) employed by a nursing agency or employer, and you only work for them (will not be self-employed), your employer is likely to have PII arrangements that provide appropriate cover for your practice, and the risks involved in your work.

An employer’s PII arrangements will only provide cover for activities you carry out as part of your duties during your employment. Arrangements can vary between different employers, so if you are not sure about what is covered by your employer’s PII arrangements, you should always check with your employer.

Question 24

This one is self-explanatory, if you graduated more than 2 years ago, select “YES” and go to the next question.

If you graduated less than 2 years ago, select “NO” and skip to Question 24.

Question 25

For most applicants, the answer will be the first option. On the final page of the application form, under Information and Definitions, you can read the following definition of “practice”.

Practice means any role, whether remunerated or not, in which you use your skills and knowledge as a health practitioner in your profession. Practice is not restricted to the provision of direct clinical care. It also includes using professional knowledge in a direct non-clinical relationship with clients, working in management, administration, education, research, advisory, regulatory or policy development roles and any other roles that impact on the safe and effective delivery of services in the profession and/or use of their professional skills.

Question 26

A simple YES/NO question. See the definition of “impairment” below, and if you believe it applies to you, attach details of any impairments and an explanation of how they are managed.

Impairment means a physical or mental impairment, disability, condition, or disorder (including substance abuse or dependence) that detrimentally affects or is likely to detrimentally affect your capacity to practise the profession. The National Law requires you to declare any such impairments at the time of initial registration and renewal, including details of the impairment and how it is managed.

Question 27

If you have never been disqualified from being registered as a nurse, select “NO”, and continue to the next question.

If you have, select “YES” and declare details of your disqualification.

Question 28

Similar to the question above, if there is no outstanding investigations to your practice in a registered profession, you can select “NO” and continue to the next question.

If there is an outstanding investigation, then you will need to declare it and provide details of any conduct, performance or health proceedings.

Question 29

If your registration in any profession is currently suspended or cancelled, select “YES”, and provide details. If it hasn’t, select “NO” and continue to the next question.

Question 30

Similar to the question above, if you have never had your registration cancelled refused or suspended, select “NO” and continue to the final question.

If you have, you must select “YES” and attach details.

Question 31

If your registration has ever been subject to conditions, undertakings or limitations, declare it here and attach details. If not, select “NO” and you have finished the final question!

Third Party Authorisation

This refers to whether you want anyone else to be able to act on your behalf. It allows someone such as a family member or potential employer to be able to speak to AHPRA about your application. If you would like to authorise a third party, you will need to attach a separate form (AGAF-40).

If you are happy to handle all correspondence by yourself, you don’t need to worry about this part.

Consent and Obligations

At this point it is a good idea to read over your application form and make sure you have answered everything correctly.

It is also really important that you read over the fine print in this section, so you are aware of what you are giving consent to, and what your obligations are.

Once you have checked over your answers, and read Section J, you can then sign in the blue box provided.


The total fee of $740 is due when you submit your application. Note that the Application fee and Overseas assessment fee are non-refundable. If your application is rejected, all you will get back from $740, is the $170 Registration fee amount.

It is also worthwhile noting that the registration period runs from 1 June to 31 May. If your application is made between 1 April and 31 May, you will be registered for the upcoming registration period that begins on 1 June. This means your registration fee will cover a period of at least 12 months.

If, however, your application is received and processed on the 31st March, your registration fee will only cover the remainder of that year, around 2 months of registration until you will need to pay the registration fee again.


Check it once, check it twice, and then check it a third time for good luck.

Make sure all the additional documentation has been attached or arranged as processing won’t start until all your documents have been received.

Please note that the bold, italicised writing at indicates documents that may (or may not) be required depending on your answers for Question 17, 19 and 20. The inclusion (or arrangement) of ALL other documents on the Checklist is imperative.

Now you’re ready to send off your application

All internationally qualified applications are processed in Sydney. You are still able to send it to another office; however, your application will be scanned and sent to the Sydney office anyway.

Regardless of where you send your application, you are able to present at ANY AHPRA office to verify your identity. In other words, don’t worry about which office you post your application to, it doesn’t make any difference either way.

Some courier companies require a street address to deliver your application.


Level 45, 680 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000


Level 18, 179 Turbot Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000


Level 8, 111 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000


Level 1, 541 Hay Street, Subiaco, WA 6008


Level 11, 80 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, SA 5000


Level 2, 103-105 Northbourne Avenue, Turner, ACT 2612


Level 5, 22 Harry Chan Avenue, Darwin, NT 0800


Level 5, 99 Bathurst Street, Hobart, TAS 7000

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